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The First Organic, Non-Chemical Fly Spray For Horses & Other Pet’s & Animals

Customer Reviews

stop buggn organic fly spray
We found this fly spray at a horse show and now we can not be without it. My horse goes to Harvey Bear and we both are swarmed with flies. I spray this on both of us and we are protected. During certain times, there are ticks up there and after I have sprayed her, I have never picked another tick off. We also spray on the pigs at the ranch.. they love to be fly free. Thank you
Nora N.

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We LOVE this fly spray! We have tried so many other options but wanted to have something non-toxic as we have little ones around now. It really does keep the flies away!
Matt H.

About Us

Organic Fly Spray for Horses

• No harsh chemicals to breath or absorb through skin

• A light floral scent

• Does not leave coat oily

• Proven to repel flies for hours

• Sweat resistant

The First Organic, Non-Chemical Fly Spray For Horses

Your horse is your champion, your companion and your best friend. 

We love horses and know what it feels like when your best friend does not feel good or has itching, irritation or other kinds of skin infection.

                    We are here to save your horse from fly attacks that can lead to skin infection with our highly effective, environmentally friendly Stop Bugg’n Organic Fly Spray.

         Stop Buggn equine spray is completely natural and keeps your horse free of stable flies, horse flies, ticks, lice, horn flies, houseflies, mosquitoes, and other pests as a beneficial barnyard fly control spray for horses. Horse Health is our top priority.

Why Use Our Environmentally Friendly Fly Spray

Repel flies and insects for hours

Refreshing and hygienic barn

Fly and complete insect control

Unbeatable fly-fighting power

Safe for most horse’s with sensitive skin

No More cumbersome fly sheet or horse clothing & fly masks

Natural Fly Repellent and insect spray

No Toxic Chemicals. Naturally Derived. Effective

Stop Bugg’n Organic Fly Spray is a 100% non-chemical natural fly repellent. It contains no toxic pesticides.

Stop Bugg’n Works!

              Stop Bugg’n has a proprietary mixture of essential oils and active ingredients. Our fly protection equine spray creates a zone of repellency against biting flies, horn flies, house flies and other flying pests. Our customers simply love it because it works, and its safe for your horse, your barnyard animals and you while providing complete fly control.

Try our environmentally friendly fly repellents for horses and protect your horse and pets from pesky pests like never before!

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