How Our Fly Spray Works

Organic, Non-toxic & Environmentally friendly

Fly Deterrent Vs. Fly Killer

Stop Buggn was developed as an alternative to the many chemical (pyrethrin) options used on animals today.
Pyrethrin based fly sprays are often considered "on-contact" fly killers or sprays that flying insects must land on and consequently transfer the chemical's from your animal to the insect in order to kill it.

Stop Buggn utilizes a proprietary blend of essential oils to deter flys from ever landing on your animals in the first place. We aren't fly killers, we are fly preventers!

Horse fly spray that actually works

Pyrethrin vs Essential Oils

Pyrethrin is an incredible effective pesticide that has been used as early as the 1950's. Insects will touch or eat this naturally occurring pesticide and ultimately become paralyzed and die.

Essential Oils have risen in popularity over the years as being a natural alternative to many chemical products for both humans and pets. Our team, through years of testing, has discovered that Essential Oils help deter flies and other insects from ever landing on you or your animals - no more toxins that have to contact flies, ticks, mosquitoes or other insects in order to keep them off your animals and away from your barn.

Stop Buggn chooses to utilize these effective ingredients to repel flies all together. The benefits of essential oils is that they are much safer for you, your animal, and the environment.

Over 10 years of testing has gone into creating the perfect formula of essential oils as well as the correct percentage of ingredients that make our spray effective, safe, and pleasant for animals and humans.

What You Can Expect

With Stop Buggn Organic Fly Spray, you can expect:
- No harsh chemicals to breath or absorb through your skin
- A pleasant, non-chemical smelling floral scent
- No oily residue on you or your animals coat
- Proven effectiveness in repelling flies
- A happier & healthier animal!

"I love how well this spray works on my horses AND ME!! I highly recommend anyone looking for long-lasting powerful fly spray to give Stop Buggin a try. You will not be disappointed!!"
Patty A.
"Stop Buggn is exactly what we needed. We spray our mares daily with this fly spray and it will work the entire day. Flies hate it and we love it!"
Cheyanne H.
"We love this natural fly spray! It smells great, the horses stand quietly while being sprayed and it works!"

Dori C.
Stop Buggn flat out works. After learning about the different toxins in our past fly sprays used, we decided to give Stop Buggn a try as a natural alternative. This fly spray is worth it!
Dejour B.

Our Natural Ingredients!